Om Habibeh Foundation - Request for Proposal

Partnership with job portal service provider to facilitate our job matching objective

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To : Moustafa Elamir – Procurement Officer


  1. Background:

Project description:

The ASDP aims to improve the knowledge and services available to young women and men as they transition from education or under/unemployment into training and from training to work or entrepreneurship.  ASDP is built on the success of Om Habibeh Foundation’s Continuing Education Centre (CEC) which, since its inception in 2010, has become a leader in English language and IT training in Aswan as well as in Upper Egypt.

  1. Objective:

A service provider is needed to 1) handle the execution of employers subscription and its related CRM support 2) create a landing page for all jobs created by employers under by Om habibeh  and 3) submit analytical data about number of jobs posted, number of applicants, number of applied jobs, number of resumes viewed , etc on quarter basis in our job portal.

  1. Targeted audience:
  • We are targeting employers and business owners in Aswan and upper Egypt to subscribe on our Job Portal, post their vacancies, and track resumes for qualified candidates
  • We also targeting youth on how to apply using our Job portal, giving them indicators about the type of vacancies, qualifications needed, salary range, and how to apply
  1. Scope of work:

The contractor shall perform the following tasks:

consists of mainly 3 core pillars. 

  1. Job Posting & Application Tracking System 
  2. Branded Landed Page & Marketing Activities 
  3. Tracking & Reporting 


  1. Deliverables:
  • Provide solid partnership in terms of managing our employers sub-accounts and make the proper CRM and client support needed for the Job Portal
  • Quarter based analytical reports summarizing all the activities done in our Parent account


  1. Time Frame:

Installation period: 15 to 21 days to be ready to deliver the service

Service Duration: Annual contract with the job portal service provider to be renewed if both parties agreed

  1. Required qualifications:

The service provider has their portal up and running:

– 3 years previous similar experience in coordination and providing job portal service

– Targeting blue colors jobs


  1. Contact Information:

Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to:

Mustafa Al Amir, Procurement Officer, OHF